Brewer, Faust announced as Ocean Swimmers of the Year

For Immediate Release – August 26, 2013

SANTA BARBARA, CALIF. — The Santa Barbara Semana Nautica Association is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Semana Nautica Ocean Swimmers of the Year, Lucy Faust and Ben Brewer.

To qualify for this award, the recipients had the lowest point score for finishing in each of the following ocean swim races: 1) the Semana Nautica 1 mile ocean swim, 2) one of the two Thursday Reef & Run 1 mile ocean swims occurring during the festival dates (July 3, 2013 through July 14, 2013), 3) one of the two Wednesday NiteMoves (July 3, 2013 through July 14, 2013) 1k ocean swims, and 4) either the Semana Nautica 3 mile ocean swim or the 6 mile ocean swim.

For each of these swims, points were allocated equal to the participant’s overall finishing place in his/her gender. Swimmers who were unable to compete in the 3 mile or the 6 mile ocean swims were considered for the award but were handicapped by an additional 40 points added to their total. If a participant swam in more than one of the weekly NiteMoves or Reef & Run qualifying events, the best finish will be used for consideration.

Ben Brewer is a 15 year old local Santa Barbara Swim Club member who will be a sophomore at Santa Barbara High School. Olympian Mark Warkentin describes Ben as “One of the better IM and distance freestyle swimmers in Santa Barbara County”.

Lucy Faust is a 16 year old swimmer from Piedmont.

The Ben and Lucy will receive a free entry for the final Reef & Run boat to beach swim on August 29, 2013 and will be recognized at the conclusion of that swim race. You will find Lucy and Ben’s names on a plaque at the East Beach Bath House.

Who will be the 2014 Semana Nautica Ocean Swimmer of the Year???

For more information please contact:
Dana F. Longo
(805) 963-6551

Origin of Semana Nautica

For three-quarters of a century, Santa Barbara has celebrated the Semana Nautica Festival surrounding the 4th of July holiday. The festival originated in 1933 when the local populace challenged the crew of five U.S. Navy battleships, moored offshore, to a series of contests along the beach. Dubbed Fleet Week, the resulting enthusiasm inspired the City Council to charter the event on a permanent basis the following year and change the name to Semana Nautica in honor of the town’s Spanish heritage.

Over the years, the sports festival has incorporated hundreds of various events, from the extremely physically challenging to those that welcome participants of all ages and abilities. Spectators may attend the events free of charge and are encouraged to cheer amateur competitors at the many sites in Carpinteria, Santa Barbara and Goleta. More than a million people have visited Santa Barbara during Semana Nautica since its inception.