Eacret wins four events at chaotic Semana Nautica meet

Darrell Eacret in the backstroke at Los Banos Pool for Santa Barbara Swim Club. (Presidio Sports Photo)

The traffic is always heavy downtown during the Fourth of July, but traffic in the water at Los Baños Pool was downright ridiculous for the 42nd Annual Semana Nautica Swim Meet.

“It’s crazy, because this pool’s not that big and we have probably about 1,000 swimmers all crammed in here for warmups. Warm-ups are crazy. I think I almost killed one or two little kids by accident,” joked recent Dos Pueblos graduate Darrell Eacret, who won four events.


Nearly forty swimming clubs from as far away as Arizona were represented, and swimmers aged 7-18 all competed in numerous races over the two-day event. The two local clubs represented were Santa Barbara Swim Club and Santa Barbara Aquatics Club.

Karl Boscacci won the 400 freestyle at 4:25.30, while Emily Rose Williams to the girls 15-18 50 freestyle in 0:28.64. Madison Faulkner was one of only two female competitors to swim the grueling 1500 freestyle, and she won in 19:36.41.

“We’re pretty worn down, and pretty much right after this we’re going to ease up until Sectionals in Santa Clarita at the end of July,” said Eacret.

Story by Presidio Sports