Do you have questions about putting on a Semana Nautica event? We’ve got answers! View our list of frequently asked questions and click on through to our contact information if you don’t see the answer you’re looking for!

Who may put on a Semana Nautica event?

Anyone with a sporting event that occurs during our festival dates each year. Please use our contact form to inform us of the type of event and we’ll get back to you about getting your event on the festival’s marketing materials. Any event must have the proper paperwork in order to take advantage of Semana Nautica’s promotional benefits. Find the neccessary paperwork HERE

What’s the cost to organize an event?

Our fee is $50.00. There are many benefits to connecting your event to Semana Nautica, including free promotion and select permits being waved.

What’s the deadline to submit an event?

Our promotional materials, including several weeks of advertising in the Santa Barbara Independent, are finalized in May. All events that wish to benefit from this promotion must apply by May 1st.

Who benefits from Semana Nautica?

The entire Santa Barbara community benefits from Semana Nautica; from local sports teams and clubs – to hotels, restaurants and shops – who benefit from the visitors who come to watch and participate.

Who can participate in the events?

Anyone can join in! Contact individual event organizers to see how you can participate.

Does it cost money to participate?

Each event may or may not have an entry fee. This fee goes towards helping run the event and paying for t-shirts, prizes, and awards.

Where do events take place?

Events take place at local Santa Barbara beaches, pools, parks, recreation areas, and sporting fields. Check with each event to see where it will be held.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to get in touch through our contact form!