Semana Nautica’s Athlete of the Year Caitlin Swalec

The 2023 Semana Nautica Athlete of the Year is Caitlin Swalec, women’s champion of the Stud Ironman and a top performer in multiple events.

Besides the victory in the Stud Ironman, Swalec was the most prolific competitor in this year’s festival across the board. The 29 year old compiled results in six different events: Mullen & Henzell 2-Mile Swim, Mullen & Henzell 3-Mile Swim, Stud Ironman, both Reef & Run 1-Mile Swims, and the 6-Mile Ocean Swim. Swalec was 2nd in the Ocean Swimmer of the Year Point Series.

Athlete of the Year honorable mention goes to Alethea Butler-Nalin.

The Athlete of the Year is based off of outstanding athletic performance and/or sportsmanship during the festival. See a list of past AOYs HERE.

Other awardees from the 2023 festival include Ocean Swimmers of the Year John Bish and Alina King, and Jeff Farrell Award recipients The Roth Family.