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Santa Barbara’s Semana Nautica Kicks Off June 27

SANTA BARBARA, CA — Featuring some of Santa Barbara's favorite sporting events as well as some fresher upstarts, the 2018 Semana Nautica Summer Sports Festival is all set to take over local beaches and athletic venues from June 27 through July 8. Many of Santa Barbara's longest running sporting events can be found on the Semana Nautica calendar, including the annual 4th of July 15K at Elings … Read More

Wenger, Glenn recognized as 2018 festival awardees

Ryan Wenger and Sylvia Glenn have been named as Semana Nautica's distinguished 2018 festival … [Read More...]

Gaitan, Bish crowned as Semana Nautica Ocean Swimmers of the Year

The final results are in and Andrea Bish and Miles Gaitan have been crowned the Ocean Swimmers of … [Read More...]